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What Is A Free Estimate Of Your Homes Value Worth?
March 12th, 2014 1:20 PM

 You get emails every so often telling you to find out what your home is worth for free with no obligation.

What do you think this valuation is worth?

Turns out not a hell of a lot.

Below find out what several homes sold for and the estimate of value by one of the better known "FREE" sites:

All sales are within the prior 6 months.

Fair Lawn Colonial Sold $750,000  Pre Listing Estimate $704,000

Fair Lawn Cape Cod Sold $733,800 Pre Listing Estimate $292,000

Fair Lawn Colonial Sold $620,000 Pre Listing  Estimate $430,000

Fair Lawn Split Level $582,000 Pre Listing  Estimate $539,000

In all cases relying on the free estimate would have cost the homeowner considerable money.

If you need  a valuation of your home, rely on the free site and you could lose money.

For an accurate valuation of you home for;Tax Appeal, Estate Planning, Pre-Listing, Equitable Distribution or any other Purpose

Contact us at 201 773 3282


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